5 Tips for a Successful Job Search

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One of the most frustrating things out there is the job search. When you are looking for a job, especially in a touch economy, it’s difficult to stay motivated — and it’s hard to compete against everyone else out there.

If you want to improve your chances for a successful job search, here are 5 things you can do:

1. Notify Your Network

Sometimes, it really is about who you know. If you are looking for a job, notify your network. Don’t be afraid to let your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know that you are looking. Even your offline social networks might be able to help you when you let them know that you are looking for a job.

You never know when someone in your network will be able to introduce you to someone who is looking for just the right employee. Start out by letting your network know you’re looking, and you’ll boost the number of jobs you hear about.

2. Update Your Social Media Profiles

Surveys indicate that an increasing number of employers are performing online searches of potential job candidates. That means that your online presence — including what you post in social media settings — matters. You don’t want the boss to see nothing but pictures of you partying, and see updates that might put you in a bad light.

Instead, update your online presence so that your images are (mostly) professional, and be careful about what you post. Instead of posting rants, post thoughtful commentary about issues of interest in your desired industry. Make sure your online presences is ready for scrutiny.

3. Create an Online Portfolio

If applicable, create an online portfolio. You can create an online resume that makes it easy for you to share with potential employers. Additionally, your online portfolio can be easily found by someone researching you. Make sure that it’s professional, and that it is consistent with your recently updated social media profiles.

4. Do Something in the Interim

The fact that you don’t have a job isn’t an excuse to just sit around. In fact, that can hurt you a bit. Show that you’ve been out there doing something worthwhile. You can try to get an internship, or you can even volunteer. Mentioning that you have been working as a volunteer for the last six months is a lot better than having a huge gap in your work history. Whether you work on starting up a side hustle, or you take a part-time job in an interesting field, look for ways to stay busy during the job hunt so that you have something to show for the months you’ve been unemployed.

5. Send a Hand-Written Thank-You Note

If you really want to stand out, send a hand-written thank-you note after any interviews that you have had. Send it your note two to four days after your interview, and offer a reminder of who you are (and create a favorable impression). An email thank-you note can easily just be erased. A hand-written note, addressed to the interviewer, is hard to overlook.

What are your best tips for a more successful job search?

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