5 Reasons to Avoid Battery Operated Toys

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Your child’s life doesn’t have to be battery operated.

We live in a modern world that moves ridiculously fast. Unfortunately, that means our children like things that go ridiculously fast, too. But that doesn’t mean you have to go as fast as they want you to, especially when you know what’s best.

Not every toy in your child’s toy chest needs batteries, and in fact you may be better off buying toys that don’t take them at all. From the cost of maintenance to general safety, battery-powered toys can sometimes cause more problems than they’re worth.

Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid battery-operated toys this holiday season.

1.  Batteries MUST be included. If a child receives a gift that looks fun, yet they can’t play it because it didn’t come with batteries batteries, they can experience immediate and obvious disappointment. To avoid this inevitable disappointment, a gift giver is required to purchase an additional item to deliver with the gift. A toy without batteries is great right out of the box.

2.  Batteries cost money, and there’s no avoiding it, eventually those batteries will need to be replaced. The more batteries a toy requires, or the bigger those batteries are, the more expensive it will be to keep the toy running. A toy that doesn’t take batteries is free to run forever. On the other hand, a toy that requires batteries will always cost money to maintain.

3.  Batteries must be recycled. As soon as a battery dies, it loses its value and must be thrown away. But you’re not supposed to throw batteries directly in the trash because it can result in erosion and acid leaks, seeping harmful acids and chemicals into the earth. Yet, recycling isn’t always practical or easy, and many people don’t even know you’re not supposed to throw batteries in the trash. No batteries, no worries.

4.  Batteries are artificial. If you like the idea of your child playing with natural wooden toys painted with non-toxic paints, you can forget about getting them anything battery operated. Battery operated toys are almost always plastic, and about as far from natural as a plastic banana. Few battery operated toys could ever invite the words “charming,” “old fashioned,” or “sweet.” Yes, the world moves fast, but sometimes you want your child to understand that play can still be charming, old fashioned, and just as sweet as can be.

5.  Batteries equal noise. Every parent knows, battery-operated toys are usually an invitation to plenty of bright lights, loud sounds, and general annoyance. Not only does this sort of audio riot create an annoying environment for parents, it also erodes your child’s expectations for what they expect in their own environment. Plus, battery operated toys with loud noises and blinking lights tend to go off at the least opportune moments, like when you finally get your infant down for a nap.

Just because the world is moving at the speed of broadband, doesn’t mean your child has to spend every second of their childhood plugged in. Ditch the batteries so you can give your child toys that they’ll remember long after the batteries have died.

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