10 End of School Year Teacher Gift Ideas

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It’s finally the end of the year and you’d like to give your child’s teacher(s) a tangible token of your appreciation but you can’t afford to spend a fortune. Don’t worry – most teachers say that the best gift you can give them is a heartfelt note or card from your child expressing their thanks and appreciation. If you’d like to add a bit to that, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1. Beware of teacher themed tchotkes like little ceramic apples and “1 Teacher” mugs. While the thought will be appreciated, most teachers already have plenty of stuff like this and some don’t even like apples!

2. Consumables are good because they aren’t more clutter, but be aware that your child’s teacher might have allergies, be trying to lose weight or is sick of Almond Roca. Some teachers are also wary of homemade foods, not because they don’t trust you personally, but they are naturally more cautious of things made in an unknown environment.

3.  Gift certificates/cards to local coffee shops, restaurants and movie theaters are always a good bet. Do be mindful that you don’t give a gift card that will force the recipient to spend lots more money to be useful (e.g. a $10 gift card to the most expensive restaurant in town).

4. Consider asking other parents if they’d be interested in pooling money to purchase a gift card in a more significant amount to a department store like Target. This will allow the teacher to buy one big thing that he or she really needs while being very affordable for most parents.

5. Many parents do not realize that teachers purchase a lot of the classroom books, educational posters and other supplies. While a gift certificate to the local office supply store, teacher’s store or art store might not seems like the most exciting gift, it can really help a teacher out, particularly ones  who are new to the job and haven’t had the time to build up a vast store of materials.

6. Scented candles, soaps and other products can be difficult to pick out for somebody you don’t know well, so unless you know the teacher enjoys a particular scent, it’s best to give these a miss.

7. A gift card to an online photo developer like Kodak Gallery or HP Snapfish so that the teacher can print out her photos or make photo books is thoughtful and useful.

8. Who wouldn’t love to have a car detailing service come to their office and get their vehicle sparkling? This is pricey but could be doable if several parents pooled their resources.

9. If your child’s teacher is outstanding, don’t forget to let everyone know! Send compliments to the school Superintendent and/or nominate them for awards.

10. Flowers and potted plants brighten almost anyone’s day.

Do you get your children’s teachers end of school year gifts? What are some of your favorites?

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