Why I’d Rather Make More Money than Cut More Costs

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One of the reasons that people choose to use coupons is to save money. I like saving money as much as the next person, and I use websites and other means to save on concerts, sports and other events. I also look for travel deals and make an effort to get bargains when I go clothes shopping. However, I don’t go out of my way to pinch every penny. I’m not much of a coupon clipper, and I’m perfectly willing to pay a $2 convenience fee when I purchase movie tickets online in advance.

Rather than worry about squeezing every last penny out of everything, I’d rather concentrate my efforts on making more money.

There’s Only So Much You Can Cut

First of all, I recognize that there’s only so much you can cut from your budget. At some point you end up unable to get rid of any more costs. Once you get down to the absolute essentials, you can’t go any further and you’re stuck. The beauty of making more money is that you don’t have a limit, other than your time. You can sell things you don’t need, pick up an extra shift or start a side business. In my case, as a freelance writer, there’s almost always another gig I can take on or something else I can do to earn extra money. At the very least, there’s usually a blood bank somewhere that will pay you $25 to $50 for plasma. There are plenty of unusual ways to make money and ways to make a quick buck. That’s not always the case when it comes to cutting costs.

I Like Flexibility to Do What I Enjoy

Another reason I’d rather make more money than cut costs is the fact that I like the flexibility to do what I enjoy. Too often, you end up having to cut out things you really like when your focus on is on getting costs down as low as possible. I don’t spend money on just anything, though. I don’t spend money on things that aren’t important to me. Instead, I focus on spending money on things that I enjoy a great deal and that matter most to me.

I won’t spend money on a newer, bigger TV, but I will be happy to splurge on a day at the spa. Making more money allows me to do that without sacrificing my comfort. If I want a spa day, I don’t have to avoid eating out for the next two weeks. I just have to take on one extra gig. I can enjoy eating out and go to the spa.

This mindset doesn’t work very well if you don’t already have your priorities in place or if you are trying to get out of debt. Once you get out of debt, though, and as soon as you establish your priorities, you can begin arranging your finances in a way that doesn’t require you to always be scrimping and saving. You can make more money and enjoy your wants as well as your needs.

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