Want a Better Relationship? Talk About Money

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Money provides stressors in many facets of life, including relationships. When you look at the body of research on divorce and money, and the numerous articles written about how money stress can contribute to relationship problems, it becomes clear that talking about money is an important part of making sure that you maintain a good relationship with your partner. According to a recent survey from TD Bank, it appears that couples in happy relationships aren’t afraid to talk about money, even if the discussions are a little uncomfortable.

How Talking About Money Can Help Your Relationship

Communication about a number of items is important if you want a good relationship with your partner. Money is just one of those things you should talk about. Here are some of the ways that talking about money can help your relationship:

  • Get on the same page: Because money — and how we spend it — is so fundamental, it makes sense to be on the same page with your significant other. When you talk about your expectations for spending, and your long-term financial goals, you can discover whether or not you are on the same page. Talking about money allows you to get on the same page and move forward without false assumptions about your partners money philosophy.
  • Feel like you’re a team: Talking about money and making plans for the future together can help you feel like a team. It’s important to feel as though you are tackling things together. If you talk about money and formulate plans, you will feel like partners and it will be easier to work together and feel connected.
  • Manage stress: Often, it’s stressful to feel as though you carry a burden alone. Having someone to share your fears and concerns with can help you better manage stress. This is true when it comes to financial stress. If you talk about money, you can share your concerns and reduce some of the stress. This is especially true when you are in debt. Consider creating a plan with your partner to tackle the debt. When you make a decision and start on a course of action with the support of your partner, you’ll feel less stress and it will help your relationship overall.
  • Avoid stressful financial surprises: Touching base with your partner about money can help you both avoid stressful surprises. Talk about spending limits, and make sure you keep in touch about what is being spent. There are few things more stressful and more fight-inducing than when you don’t know what the other is spending and all of a sudden you end up with an overdraft.

With a little practice, you can become more comfortable talking about your financial situation with your partner, and moving forward together. Being open and honest with your partner about money, and then making plans to reach goals together — whether those goals include retirement or paying down debt or saving for a home — can help you better navigate your relationship and build stronger emotional ties.

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