Six Ways to Make a Little Extra Money

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Wouldn’t it be nice to find a few more bucks in in your pocket from time to time? Here are a few interesting ways to help you make a little extra scratch. They won’t make you independently wealthy – or enable you to quit your regular job – but they’ll add to the coffers nicely.

Give of yourself

1. Donate blood products – Most blood banks don’t pay cash for whole blood donations anymore. Some, however, may compensate you with premiums and/or gift cards. Some blood clinics do pay $20-$40 for plasma. Plasma donation is a similar procedure to blood donation but, instead of once every eight weeks, plasma be drawn twice in a seven day period, with at least two days between donations.

2. Go with your strengths – It would hardly be novel to suggest you earn extra money by doing things you do well for people: bake a cake, petsit a dog, troubleshoot a computer, mow lawns, write a resume…. What is novel is clueing you in on a website that could help you market those skills to more folks than a handful of friends, family and neighbors. is a marketplace for people who have a skill – any skill – and who are willing to perform it starting at five bucks – a fiver, if you will. List the task you’re willing to perform for $5 and people from all over the world will have the opportunity to take you up on your offer. Better than a poster with tear-strips tacked on the supermarket bulletin board!

Provide your opinion

3. Participate in consumer research – Research companies conduct product studies to learn consumer opinions. They pay people for participation in these studies in which they sample a product and share their thoughts about it. These could include participating in focus groups, product or taste tests or usability trials. Search out marketing research companies and inquire as to whether they recruit participants for consumer studies. There’s no certainty that you’ll be chosen on any regular basis, but they’re easy money and can pay from $25 to hundreds, depending upon the length of the study and your participation requirements.

4, Be a mystery shopper – If you’re observant, this might be a good gig for you. Mystery shoppers perform recognizance for stores and restaurants, providing intel on its operation. You look for certain things and report your findings to the company performing the test, providing valuable marketing and customer experience feedback. Mystery shopper assignments vary greatly and pay between $15 and $100, depending upon the company and what’s required of you.

Exercise your civic opportunities

5. Be a poll worker – Be part of the democratic process and get paid in the process. Poll workers assist voters on election days. Pay rates vary by state but in general, poll workers are paid up to $200 for training and $100-$200 for the day they serve.

6. Participate on e-jury – is a website on which you’re paid to act as a “mock” juror. You sign up and are emailed a notification when an e.jury case in your county comes up for decision. The first 50 mock jurors who choose to participate in the case read the details and answer questions, providing feedback for attorneys in the preparation for the actual jury. You only get paid $5 or $10 per case but think of it this way: you don’t get paid a penny for watching Law and Order reruns and here you’re helping the wheels of justice turn.

These are just a few of a multitude of ways you can put your time and talents to work to make a little extra dough. has a nice article on 15 more ways here.

What ways have you found to earn a little extra money?

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